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"A life spent in making mistakes is not only more honourable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing." -George Bernard Shaw
Thank you God.

For these past three years doing something I love with a team that turned into my family. Today was the best and I’ll miss it all more than you know but thank you, thank you for blessing me with so much.




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That’s why I’ve been sad -_-‘

Still waiting.

for you. -__-

Today At Work.

   A gay couple came in. Two men and it was pretty obvious they were together and gay. Following them, holding one of their hands was a little girl. It was the last day of registering for soccer today and they wanted to sign her up. I told them to fill out the registration sheet and while they were doing it there was a group of three other dads standing behind them give them weird looks and talking to eachother and the couple and the little girl they had adopted. 

   The little girls name was Hope and she was 4 years old. She called both of them Dad and smiled the whole time because she was so excited to play soccer. It made no difference to her that both of her parents were guys and in love with eachother.

   After they had finished signing up and paying they left and I told them good luck on their season and they left. One of the fathers who had been in the group I mentioned earlier came up to my computer to sign up since he was next in line. I said, “Hi sir, how may I help you?” and the words from him that were followed by mine made me want to tell him to leave and go find another place for his kid to play soccer. “Make sure they aren’t on my team”

   I sat there for a couple of seconds trying to process what he said, trying to wrap my head around what really just came out of his mouth. I looked at the other girl working with me and just looked back to my computer and signed his daughter for soccer not speaking another word to him except, “You’re total is 81 dollars”. 

   As I watched him leave through the doors into the parking lot I wondered to myself how someone could really be like that? Watching his daughter follow behind him I felt sorry that she was going to have to live with him. Who knows, he could be the best dad in the world to her but it still doesn’t change the fact that his ignorance was something beyond my reach.

   My dad is a photographer, I grown up around gay guys all my life on the account that most of my dad’s stylist, assistants, designers, ect. who are men, are usually gay. It never phased me that they were gay until I grew to be older but even when I knew it has never bothered me one bit. Some of our best family friends are gay and I could care less. I really feel that who should be entitled to love whoever you want to. What ever floats your boat is fine by me.

  I feel that if you can take care of kid, love them unconditionally, always be there for them, show that you care, will love them through their mistakes and mishaps, then why does it matter if both your parents are two guys or two girls? Some people say that it’s a sin and there are some things that they can’t show their kids like a “normal family” can. A “normal family” with one dad and one mom. But how can that be so when all God wants is for us to love EVERYONE unconditionally? Some of the best, and strongest people I have ever met were raised by a single mom or dad without having the other show them things they are supposed to learn. A girl raised by a single dad without a mom doesn’t their mother to show them things they are supposed to be taught by them. A boy raised by single mother doesn’t their father there to show them things they a supposed to know to become a man. 

   I know there are so many people who would and will disagree with what I’m saying but fuck it. It’s just my point of view, everyone is entitled to theirs. 

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